International symposium

Debating homelessness. Actualities and new perspectives in social science research

November 15-16-17, 2017

Saint-Etienne (France)

This congress is the outcome of many years of research and the seminar called “Aux frontières du sans-abrisme”. It purpose is to provide an update on the latest research on homelessness while keeping a reflexive look at three decades of scientific debate.

Homelessness, has been recognized as a public problem, not only by international organizations, but also by the national and local authorities from many countries. Homelessness became also a scientific problem. Many generations of researchers conducted inquiries among homeless people. They analysed the phenomenon of homelessness in a longer history of the treatment of poverty in the occidental societies. They were also able to describe the survival on the streets, the different configurations of support, the social violence against homeless people, the construction of social problem during different eras, etc. This congress wishes to offer a space for exchange in order to develop new perspectives in the field of homelessness research.




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